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True Ambassadors are respected officials acting as representatives to nations. Christians are God's ambassadors, approved by God and entrusted with the gospel of salvation. They are sent out to nations toreconsile men back to God.

We are an independent charitable organisation that champions community participation by developing groups, supporting active ambassadors and building cohesive communities. We create a heightened awareness in our community, helping combat various issues. Our hope is not to just be, but to ensure that thioose who really needed help are reached. 

A Special Level of Support 


We providing tailored support, advice, information and training to members of the community. True Ambassadors are decicated to responding to the needs of most culturally-diver communities, such as

We aim to work as a team to fulfil the vision of ministries representing the Lord Jesus Christ 

To encourage young professionals to join their communities to make positive impacts


To reach out to people through various platforms including:


 Prison Visits

Hospital Outreaches

Assisting people with legal matters such as Employment, Immigration, Housing, Family, Homeless people, Drug Addiction

Visit to Orphanages and Care Homes

Various Media platforms such as TV, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram

Networking Events

Food and Clothes Donations

Organising Faith based programmes, seminars and conferences.



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Saturday: 12hrs

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