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Doris Okundaye


Growing up as a young girl, Doris saw a lot of  tribulation, hurt and pain. I was raised up by a single parent after I loss my dad when I was 4years old. Mum became the bread winner, she was hard working woman with a heart of gold, she loves to support people in need. l learned so much from her seeing her supporting people in need.


At a point life became so tough for me and was throw out of my comfort zone, to the street and other life challenges. There was a road block in everything I do. When I looked back now I could see how my life was redeemed from destruction.


My way of giving back to the society that has taught me so much and most importantly to fulfill my ambassadorial duty as a christian is through the True Ambassadors. True Ambassadors is to show love and support people in need in gaining peace of mind. Assisting people to get through tough time in life.


Life can be messy, but with love, we can help each other survive even the toughest times.


Life is fragile. Hard times are inevitable. At one time or another, we will all go through a difficult time, whether we deal with sickness, catastrophe, crisis, or relational breakdown. In those times, we need each other more than ever, it’s important to have those who truly understand what we are going through. 





Doris has served her local church for many years



Herein each ambassador subordinates his or her individual interests and opinions to the unity and efficiency of our community group. This support also consists of encouraging one another through the struggles. All of this is important because the more people are supportive of one another, the more strength there is available for everyone to draw upon. 

True Ambassadors consists of big-picture thinkers. They are more concerned with alignment to the overall goals. We have team of those who have demonstrated they can identify those who need our support and are willing to motivate, inspire and empower them. 



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