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Adversity is a necessary part of life. Without challenges there are no opportunities to grow, to learn, to develop. In essence, without adversity where is the fun?

True Ambassadors see life adversity in a good light. Here are three ways Ambassadors succeeds when challenges and adverse situations appear:

1) Ambassadors accept what they can and cannot control. They do not get hung up on things they are unable to do anything about. For example, when they make mistakes, they are able to hit the reset button and move forward.

2) Ambassadors see adversity as an opportunity.  Challenges bring out an ambassador's competitive spirit, which in turn brings out the best performances. 

3) Ambassadors do the next right thing when faced with adversity. Have you ever seen a great player make a mistake? Sure you have, but watch what they do NEXT. More often than not, elite players find themselves making big plays after poor ones. They move on to the next play and put 100% of themselves into the challenge. Champions do the next right thing, which means putting the past to rest and refocusing on the upcoming opportunity. 


Whenever we undertake a new change in our lives — whether it’s starting a new job or business, or changing a new habit — we tell ourselves a story about it.

We’re the hero of our story. Unfortunately, it’s not usually a very good story — it involves the hero not believing he or she can do it, wanting to give up and give in to the easy route.

The story we tell ourselves goes a long way. They’re different for each of us, but if we’re not succeeding at something, it’s quite probably because we are telling ourselves the wrong story.

True Ambassadors consists of big-picture thinkers, those who have demonstrated they can identify those who need our support and are willing to motivate, inspire and empower them through their own life changing stories.


Life is fragile. Hard times are inevitable. At one time or another, we will all go through a difficult time, whether we deal with sickness, catastrophe, crisis, or relationship breakdown. In those times, we need each other more than ever, it’s important to have those who truly understand what we are going through. 

Herein each ambassador subordinates his or her individual interests and opinions to the unity and efficiency of our community group. This support also consists of encouraging one another through the struggles. All of this is important because the more people are supportive of one another, the more strength there is available for everyone to draw upon. 


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Paragraphs are the main building blocks of web pages. To change what this one says, just double-click here or hit Edit text. You can change the style here, too.


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