...Bringing Out The Best In People With New Hope

Prison Visit

The contact between the 'outside' and the 'inside' provides hope to the individuals that better living is still posible.

Prison visiting is to do with friendship. It creates an informal friendly relationship which is concerned primarily with neither prisoners nor problems but with persons. We particularly try to encourage the development of a constructive use of a prison sentence whereby (inmates) gain both a sense of belonging to the community and the realisation that they themselves have the ability to contribute to society's wellbeing.

Hospital Visit

Hospitals can be daunting and lonely places, particularly for vulnerable people. Out of our desire to go that extra mile for our others, our volunteers visit people in because we know it makes such a difference to their emotional wellbeing. We also raise funds to support those who needed it.

Our hospital volunteers help improve people’s experience in hospital, support their recovery and return home and reduce the chance of being re-admitted.

Food and Clothes Donation

We donate clean and good condition clothes and effort are put into  carefully sorting donations.

We are completely dependent upon generous support from churches, schools, businesses and members of the public in order to help those who need emergency food in our community.

You can donate food or clothes by contacting us. Your gift will help to transform the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Those with mental and physical health needs. Those on the road to recovery. You can help give them a gift of hope for the future. 

Empowerment Events

We organises events to provide people with well-rounded, informative, integrated events that show individuals how to stimulate the growth of their spirits, minds and their businesses – one cannot succeed without the other!

Our events provide spiritual and personal development delivered by ministers of the word and those with real-world, “been there, done that” experience.

A valuable network of spiritual leaders. We are committed to creating, growing and nurturing a community of dynamic individuals who can connect with each other, grow, and enlarge their circle of positive friends. 

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